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Introducing our Pilates & Yoga Poses in stained glass collection, perfect for those who love both practices. This collection includes all your favourite and challenging poses, so you can mix and match to create your perfect routine.


Made in Tiffany Style with hard-wearing soldered glass, these pieces can be used as a sun catcher all year round or as a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree.


Ideal for those who want to bring a touch of mindfulness and relaxation to their leisure time. Choose your pose from our easy-to-use drop-down menu and start practicing today.


Product dimensions:

1. Child's pose (Amber).  

H: 2ins (5.2cms) W: 4.5ins (11.5cms) D: 0.2ins (4mms)


2. Warrior pose (Light Blue). 

H: 6.25ins (15.9cms) W: 4ins (10.2cms) D: 0.2ins (4mms)


3. Standing Bow (Red). 

H: 4.5ins (11.5cms) W: 4.5ins (11.5cms) D: 0.2ins (4mms)


4. Downward Dog (Mixed blue). 

H: 3.5ins (8.9cms) W: 4ins (10.2cms) D: 0.2ins (4mms)


Pilates & Yoga poses in stained glass

  • This decoration is a Tiffany method hand-crafted stained glass item. 

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