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Introducing our handmade Beautiful Butterflies stained glass suncatcher – a stunning addition to any home or garden.


Available in 5 vibrant colour options, this suncatcher is perfect for brightening up any space. Native Americans have long regarded butterflies as symbols of transformation, hope, and rebirth, while Chinese culture embraces them as representing freedom, earthly beauty, love, and the human soul.


Hang this suncatcher in your window or on your Christmas tree for a noticable display of colour and light. 


Product dimensions: (vary as each item is handmade)

H: from 3 - 3.5 ins (7.62 - 8.89cm), W: from 4.5 - 5.5ins (10.16 - 11.43cm). D: 0.2ins (4mm)

Beautiful Butterflies stained glass

  • This Beautiful Butterfly piece is Tiffany method hand-crafted stained glass. 

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