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Tiffany Stained Glass - a brief history

Tiffany glass dates to Victorian times and was prevalent during the Art Deco era. It consists of a wide variety of stained glass products, each one handmade by artisans and produced by Tiffany Studios, based in Queens, New York City between 1901 and 1932.

Interior designer Louis Comfort Tiffany started to focus on the production of stained glass home products in 1878 following an inspirational trip to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. There he was fascinated by the museum’s collection of Roman and Syrian glass but was also convinced that he could make brighter contemporary products using highly coloured more pure modern glass.

However, Tiffany couldn’t source the type of glass he desired, so he opened a foundry where he manufactured his own glass and even developed a new type of glass called Favrile (Read more about Favrile glass), an iridescent glass that combines and manipulates several colours and from which he produced a wide range of windows and home decor products.

As well as Favrile, there many other types of glass associated with Tiffany use: Opalescent, Streamer, Fracture, Fracture-streamer, Ring mottle, Ripple, and Drapery. All have different features and looks and have their place in classic Tiffany products.

In addition to the continued refinement of glass, Tiffany also developed the copper-foil technique as a way of bonding glass together in a lighter but stronger way, adding great robustness to his products.

Classic Tiffany products have been known to demand incredible prices, with a single Tiffany Studios Oriental Poppy Chandelier estimated to be worth approximately £450,000. That price is due to the rarity and quality of the product which ceased production in the early 20th century.

Pipsiglass produces stained glass gifts, ornaments and keepsakes paying homage to Tiffany. Each handmade item is copper-foiled, soldered, sometimes with patina and manufactured in the same style as Tiffany products were over a century ago. Just as they were in Art Deco times, the colours and textures of Tiffany style products brighten any home environment!

Louis Tiffany - stained glass master
Louis Comfort Tiffany Feb 18, 1848 - Jan 17, 1933

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