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Herdwick Sheep – the Lake District’s favourite!

Herdwick Sheep are native to the Lake District with 99% of existing UK flocks residing within the stunning National Park. To celebrate this fabulous hardy breed, Pipsiglass produces a range of cute Herdwick suncatchers.

The etymology of ‘Herdwick’ derives from the 12th century word ‘herdvyck,’ which translates as ‘sheep pasture’. Believed to have been brought to the Lakeland areas on Viking Long ships the breed has been constant in the Lake District since the 11th century.

Renowned child fiction author and celebrated Lake District resident Beatrix Potter kept Herdwicks. When she died in 1943 all her 15 farms, covering 4,000 acres, were bequeathed to the National Trust, including her Herdwicks and with them grazing rights to all the land.

Interesting facts about Herdwicks:

· They are born black and lighten to various shades of grey with age.

· Most Herdwicks graze the Lakeland fells all year, including tough winters.

· Herdwick lamb was eaten at the late Queen Elizabeth’s 1953 Coronation.

· Wool from a Herdwick is incredibly durable, blizzard resistant too!

· Almost 50,000 Herdwicks reside within 14 miles of Coniston, Cumbria.

Check out our contemporary Herdwick sheep suncatchers – a great reminder of these incredibly hardy Lakeland sheep.

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